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Posted on 02.07.12
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  • Posted on 02.07.12

Mayor Slay is scheduled to introduce Susan Montee at City Hall today at 11 am. Here are his remarks.

I have known Susan Montee as a Democrat and as an elected official for some time. She has been exemplary, clearly and forcefully articulating the values of the Democratic Party and fulfilling the duties of her elected offices with fairness and integrity.

For either of these roles, she would deserve our support.

However, my endorsement of her candidacy last year- and again this morning - is also based upon a personal acquaintance with her over time, a respect for her intellect and temperament ... and her house in the City of St. Louis.

Missouri's lieutenant governor serves several important roles: as a leader in the state senate, as a principal in the state's economic development efforts, as a backstop to the state's governor, and as an advocate for Missouri's veterans and seniors. In each of those duties, Susan Montee has the skills and determination to get the job done, and done well.

At a moment in our state's history when those who most need government's help, when seniors, when students, when veterans, and when working families so urgently require a strong, clear voice in Jefferson City, it is my honor to introduce that strong, clear voice to you today.

Please join me in applauding the next Democratic lieutenant governor of Missouri, Susan Montee.