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Posted on 06.17.08
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  • Posted on 06.17.08

From a story on stltoday.com recounting a visit today by InBev CEO Carlos Brito to US Sen. Claire McCaskill:

But he faced a hostile reception in Congress, where McCaskill, D-Mo., Bond, and others are strongly opposed to the takeover.

"I was very upfront," McCaskill said of her discussion with Brito. After offering him a Budweiser and sipping one herself, she told him she would "do everything I could to stop this sale from going through ... It’s a bad idea. I don’t want you to buy it. The people of Missouri don’t want you to buy it."

Speaking to reporters after, McCaskill blasted the proposal as a "premium profit for hedge fund investors" and said A-B is a strong company that has provided thousands of good middle class American jobs.

"We do not have a ‘For Sale’ sign on our front lawn in America," she said.