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Posted on 06.27.12
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  • Posted on 06.27.12

From the home office:

The National Weather Service in St. Louis has issued a Heat Advisory for the St. Louis metropolitan area. The Advisory will be in effect from noon Thursday, June 28 through 7:00 p.m. Saturday, June 30th.

Heat advisories are issued when weather conditions are expected to cause significant discomfort or inconvenience or if caution is not taken conditions become life threatening. Thursday through Saturday dangerous levels of heat are expected each afternoon. Heat index values in excess of 105 degrees are likely.

Heat related illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke are a real threat. This is especially true because of the longevity of this heat wave and the effects of extreme heat are cumulative.

The City of St. Louis Department of Health recommends residents:

Restrict outdoor activity to early morning or evening;

Drink plenty of water;

Take frequent breaks if working outside;

Check on senior and homebound family members and neighbors;

Watch for signs of heat exhaustion (dizziness, headaches, muscle cramps, and lack of sweating);

(If you don't have air-conditioning) Open windows at night and trap cool air inside for the next day;

Protect children and pets from the heat. Provide hats and sun screen for children and water and shade for pets;

NEVER EVER leave children or pets in a car in the heat.

Cool Down St. Louis is helping area seniors and the disabled with their air-conditioning and utilities; and area low-income households may also apply for utility assistance only, at 314-241-7668, or www.cooldownstlouis.org.

The City of St. Louis coordinates all weather related responses with Operation Weather Survival (OWS) www.crh.noaa.gov/lsx/?n=ows . This regional body is a network of public and private organizations that collaborate, coordinate resources, and help educate the public to prevent illness and death caused by extreme hot or cold weather. OWS itself does not provide services. Services and programs are provided and administered by member organizations. Other OWS partners include Red Cross, Laclede Gas, United Way of Greater St. Louis, Ameren and St. Louis Area Agency on Aging.

Information about cooling centers or energy assistance related to the excessive heat can be obtained by calling the United Way of Greater St. Louis at 800-427-4626 or if calling from a land line phone dial 2-1-1.