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Posted on 11.05.08
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 11.05.08

A recent Mini-Poll asked our readers to register their opinions on some of the issues and initiatives on the ballots of other states. MayorSlay.com did a quick and dirty search this morning to see how these issues fared.

  • An Arkansas ban on unmarried couples adopting or fostering children PASSED.

  • A Nebraska ban on affirmative action programs by public agencies and institutions PASSED.

  • An Oregon cap on the number of years students may be educated in public schools in languages other than English is FAILING, though Oregon is still counting ballots.

  • Michigan measure to permit the cultivation and use of marijuana for some medical purposes PASSED.

  • A California measure to put victims of crime first in line for restitution PASSED.

  • An Oregon measure that would set mandatory minimum sentences for some drug and property crimes and for identity theft; and would make auto theft a felony is PASSING, though Oregon is still counting ballots.

  • A Connecticut measure to allow some 17 years olds to vote PASSED.

  • A Hawaii measure to lower the minimum age qualification to be governor FAILED.

  • Maryland voters APPROVED early voting in that state.

  • New Mexico voters APPROVED a requirement that school board elections in that state’s largest school district be conducted by mail.

  • South Dakota voters RETAINED term limits on their state reps and state senators.

  • A measure to establish open primaries and run-offs for all Oregon political offices is PASSING, but Oregon is still counting ballots.

  • South Dakota voters REFUSED to further restrict abortions in that state.

  • Minnesota voters APPROVED a sales tax increase to fund land conservation, water quality, and the arts.